Guaranteed Rent Scheme

guaranteed-rent-scheme-east-londonAs a landlord, you will be all too familiar with this kind of scheme, which aims to take the risk – and the hassle – out of the lettings process.

We have worked with landlords long enough to know what requirements need to be fulfilled. In tailoring our very own Guaranteed Rent Scheme, we believe we have surpassed the standard offered elsewhere, because our deal is completely free to join and offers all of the following…

– a rent guarantee on your property for up to ten years

– a promise to maintain the property on your behalf, free of charge

– £150 cash as a warm welcome to this quality scheme

All Seasons Lettings’ Director, Daniel Chowdhury says:

letting-agent-guaranteed-rent-scheme-east-london“We are proud to do things differently. From when we take over a property, we pay the rent every month regardless if there are tenants in the property or not – also, regardless if the tenants pay us the rent or not.

“These are uncertain times, so if a tenant loses their job and can’t pay the rent, the landlord is secure because we pay for it.

“Our agency has an in-house maintenance team, so we complete the maintenance work on any property we take on and don’t pass the charges back to the landlord.

With a great rate for this scheme, we can pass the benefits on and have the ability to agree contracts from one to ten years.

All Seasons Lettings has nearly 500 properties signed-up to the scheme already; that’s nearly a billion-pounds-worth of property entrusted to the Guaranteed Rent service.

“I took on the company from my Dad ten years ago. On joining, I researched this topic thoroughly and feel very confident in our strength of service in today’s market place.

“We consider all properties for this unique service and, because of the maintenance work we provide, can accept properties in any condition.

“All we ask is that the property has the correct planning permissions and building applications and that it is, of course, safe to inhabit.”

To enquiry about the scheme, either complete the Contact form, or call/email is below:

Tel: +44 (0)207 480 9292

Look forward to hearing from you!